My idea here is twofold:

  1. Users should be able to request examples in a topic.
  2. Users requesting topics should be pointed towards pre-existing topics, with a button to request examples on those topics.

In my opinion, #1 is just a natural extension of requesting topics (and perhaps a more useful one, as documentation matures and new topics are unnecessary).

#2 would not only likely reduce the amount of duplicated topics created, but it would also reduce the requesting of narrow-scoped topics: Situations where what the user is really looking for is an example.

The Android tag gave me the idea for this, because it had:

  • A topic called Permissions, which makes perfect sense
  • Another topic called RunTime Permissions, which really should be an example on the Permissions topic, and not its own topic
  • A proposed topic which was also about runtime permissions. I rejected it, since it not only duplicated the RunTime Permissions topic, but just like that one, should also have just been an example on the Permissions topic
  • A topic request for Handling Permissions, which is clearly a user who really just wants examples, so creating a new topic would again just duplicate Permissions
  • 1
    Yes, yes, yes and yes. The topic request is being abused for requests that would be otherwise valid requests - for examples...
    – ppeterka
    Commented Jul 27, 2016 at 11:48


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