Documentation has just came out, and I'm already finding myself using it — not just to contribute, but actually consuming it as well. Unfortunately, I'm finding it difficult to navigate between tags. If I want to jump between tags (say C Language and C++ Language), I have to follow this painfully slow process:

  1. Find the "Documentation Beta" link hiding up there by "Questions" (at first, I usually end up clicking on the tag name again).
  2. Scroll to find / type the name of the tag I'm looking for.
  3. Click on it.

By then, I may have forgotten why I wanted to jump to a different tag.

Compare this to the current tag navigation system. If I want to switch tags there, I do this:

  1. Notice the obvious box where there is the tag name that all the questions are under.
  2. Delete that tag and type my new tag.
  3. Profit.

Alternatively, I can just search [tag-name] and it works.

Can we have a similarly easy way to navigate Documentation?

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    They could even have a small section with related tags, related topics, ... – Trilarion Jul 26 '16 at 9:33
  • Or a list of topics a user is following, like it is already the case with StackOverflow. – chiffa Aug 1 '16 at 20:06

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