Getting the hang of , I tried to learn by example and checked the Array topic on Java https://stackoverflow.com/documentation/java/99/arrays#t=201607212100242092915

I noticed that this applies for versions 1.0 to 8:

enter image description here

So far so good.

Looking at the sorting example, I noticed that contributors created a section specific to JDK 1.8+

enter image description here

I know that 1.8 and 8 are the same thing when it comes to java, but somebody new to the topic does not. Are Java SE 8 and SDK 1.8 the same thing? As everybody can introduce their own system to denote the different versions, examples and documentation overall will become inconsistent.

I propose that there should be some mechanism in place to mark an example (better: parts of an example) to be usable for a specific version or range of versions of a language. As the user selects a version from a drop down, only those examples (parts of them) appropriate for that version are displayed.

If you look at ActionScript 3.0 Reference for the Adobe Flash Platform, you can see such filtering in action:

enter image description here

It has been said that documentation aims to be better than other documentations, but in this regard I feel like it's beaten by a dead horse.

Could we improve and introduce some system as proposed above or come up with a better one?

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