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Sometimes examples for one tag could also be included in other tags. For example, a document example showing how to create different scopes using spring could be under either the java tag or the spring tag.

An example could belong to multiple topics too. For example, a document demonstrating how to create a typedef'd struct in C could be under the typedef topic or the struct topic.

What would be the suggested way of solving this type of problem?

Does Stack Overflow Documentation allow sharing between tags/topics (now or future)?

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    I guess now not, but in the future they may. I mean, if they have multiple languages code sections planned, then surely multiple tags might come in handy too. Jul 21, 2016 at 19:35
  • Besides "examples for tag [that] could also be included in other tags", some topics may be about using multiple things (corresponding to tags) together. These topics are unlikely to be well-covered by official docs for each thing separately, so that's where SO docs could really add some value, but we would again need multiple tags to apply to a topic.
    – Frank
    Aug 3, 2016 at 17:15

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I will add one example.

GSON topic inside Android tag and gson tag. Both are related to same thing. Still they are separate and inconsistent.

IMO, making an example as separate entity will help. In different topics we can just embed an example from another tag. We can add additional comment as well.

For example gson may add some feature which is applicable to java 8 but not to android. Then we can simply embed examples that are applicable to android.


I agree that finding documentation via tags can be more helpfull than finding documentation via current topic because a code-example can have more than topic.

Example: when i am interested in code-examples for android asynctask i will get

but i will miss

If there where tags for examples i would have found all 3

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