The process of approving changes is a bit unclear. Since there is no reputation requirement and only two approvals are required, low quality edits can easily be passed through. Is this intentional functionality? Is there a reputation threshold for making these decisions?

Further, there is no way at the present to suggest an edit or simply edit a proposed change. I've already seen a few changes that are valuable, but contain typos or improper formatting, so they shouldn't be approved in their current state. However, the only way to make the required changes is to wait for the change to be approved and then make a subsequent change request to fix the errors. This system feels flawed to me, given that the incomplete change will, for a period of time, be the visible version on the documentation.

In addendum to the previous paragraph, it seems that if we approve a change and the user edits their post, comments disappear (this could be that they mark them as completed or something, unclear), and the "approval" buttons aren't returned to the reviewer, such that they can choose to approve or reject the subsequent edit to the change.

Another issue I have encountered is the automatic combining of edits within a topic. Say, for example, I edit one example in a topic, and while that edit is awaiting approval, another example is posted. I then edit the new example, but rather than being posted as two seperate proposed changes, both changes are combined into one. This creates a problem for reviewing the changes, as now if one of my edits is worthy of approval but the other isn't, the review needs to decide whether the benefit of the good edit outweighs the loss from the second edit. Further, in combination with an issue posed above, if someone were to vote for approval on an edit, and then I edit a new section, their approval of the first edit is carried into the second edit, which occured after their approval.

This is specific to comments on edits, why is there no ability to upvote a comment? This would be a very effective method to show consensus rather than having people comment below: "I agree with @user". Furthermore, comments seem to persist across redacted revisions of an edit, but only if you add a new comment will they show up.

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