I'm trying to find a way to move a topic from one tag to another. What is the process for this? There are Spring Framework topics within the Java tag, but there's now a Spring tag which they could be moved to.

I couldn't see anything in the UI to move topics, only a way to move examples between topics in the same tag.


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Moving topics to another tag is now available!

The feature lives in the same spot as moving examples - the topic-level menu in Edit mode:

"move" appears in the topic menu in edit mode

Pick your destination tag by searching:

"move topic" tab

And the final confirmation step will notify you of any issues that prevent submission or allow you to make additional changes:

confirmation step

A few notes and caveats:

  • a topic cannot be moved and deleted at the same time;
  • introductory topics cannot be moved;
  • other combinations of changes (e.g. example edits/moves + topic move) should be possible;
  • versions will be reset to "all versions" on the topic, and inline versions in the Remarks section or in the examples will be stripped out* if they can't be matched to a version in the destination tag.

* As a v2 kind of thing, I'd like to implement something like being able to choose versions (both topic-level and inline) from the destination tag. I kind of want to observe what happens "in the wild" first, though.

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