Let us add a synopsis/single sentence that describes the topic.


Have a look at the Traversable documentation for example. The very first (current example) starts like this:


An instance of Traversable for a binary tree

Implementations of traverse usually look like an implementation of fmap in an Applicative context.

data Tree a = Leaf
            | Node (Tree a) a (Tree a)

instance Traversable Tree where
    traverse f Leaf = pure Leaf
    traverse f (Node l x r) = Node <$> travserse f l <*> f x <*> traverse f r

This implementation performs an in-order traversal of the tree.

Well, that's great. I still don't know what the hell Traversable or traverse is for, though. While that's an orthogonal problem, one could aleviate it if we were able to provide a short sentence in the topic:


A typeclass that provides a way to traverse structures with effects

An instance of Traversable for a binary tree.


This also fits the @brief description usually found in (well-)documented code. A reader should immediately know that topic XYZ is the one they're looking after, and not a topic about the XYZLite variant.


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