Navigating to Help Center > Documentation shows a page without any content (just the regular headers, footers, etc.):

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  • I have a 404 "Page Not Found" now. Probably went live sooner than wanted :). – Tunaki Jul 20 '16 at 16:40
  • @Tunaki You probably don't have access to docs at all, right? I see it still. Weird anyway. – nicael Jul 20 '16 at 19:15
  • @nicael Aah no, that would explain it, thanks. – Tunaki Jul 20 '16 at 19:17

The help center for Documentation will be available when the feature is launched to the general public. It was available on the doc-beta test site, but we can't move it to stackoverflow.com without also making it public to non-beta testers. That switch will be flipped "soon". (And not 6-8 weeks, soon. Sooner.)

Hang tight!

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