Consider this question: how to convert enum between (string ,list of flags ,enum with flags)

The user asked this question at "2016-07-16 10:46:12Z" and self answered it "2016-07-16 10:46:12Z" -- at the same second. Is this even possible?

The question has its merits and the OP gave a good answer.

I would flag this for moderator attention, but I don't know if this behavior should be allowed/enforced, nor if Stack Overflow is supposed to work like a knowledge repository like this -- more suitable to CodeProject, for instance.

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    41k and you didn't know about this? Wow.
    – user1228
    Jul 18, 2016 at 15:47

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Yes, whenever you ask a question you can tick the checkbox Answer your own question. If you do so, the answer will be posted at the same time the question is posted.

enter image description here

This is - under certain conditions - acceptable and encouraged in the help center. There even is a badge for a good self-answer. Of course, the question and the answer must comply to the Stack Overflow standards, just like they would if they were from two different users.


but I don't know if this behavior should be allowed/enforced

This behavior is acceptable and must be allowed as it's clear from the Help center that:

Can I answer my own question?

Yes! Stack Exchange has always explicitly encouraged users to answer their own questions. If you have a question that you already know the answer to, and you would like to document that knowledge in public so that others (including yourself) can find it later, it's perfectly okay to ask and answer your own question on a Stack Exchange site.

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