This is to try to improve the Stack Overflow's system of detecting fraudulent upvotes/downvotes.

In my case, everytime I have a discussion with someone, or someone gets a downvote from me, I notice in my achievements that someone downvotes my questions. This is very common, because two of my questions got downvotes with no reason, and just after having a discussion with someone.

For example, today I have two downvotes simultaneously on these questions:

This appears since I'm discussing here:

It's casual? I think no. I'm curious why Stack Overflow can't detect this kind of behaviour. There should be a form to send to moderators that we can explain that behaviour and moderators can decide if it's vengeance or it's a valid downvote.

What do you think?

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    I don't think 2 DVs matter too much (considering the fact that you have about 950+ answers). We do have processes in place to ensure that people don't vote "for a person" instead of a "post(s)". The DVs that you got are probably legit (atleast as of now):) Jul 5, 2016 at 11:03
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    Let's start finding out whether two votes were cast out of vengeance! We could start questioning users - perhaps under threat of torture to make really sure they're not lying. We could also use a lie detector. Or a psychic. What could possibly go wrong?
    – Pekka
    Jul 5, 2016 at 11:04
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    By jumping for "vengeance" as an explanation, you're already loading the question. You can't tell people's reasons for downvoting if they don't make them explicit. Happens. Move on. If someone goes on a downvoting spree because you or what you write annoys them, it will be unravelled in due course. Don't complain about a couple of downvotes. It's not sufficient evidence of anything malign.
    – Nick Cox
    Jul 5, 2016 at 11:16
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    Yeah, I agree with two downvotes are not relevant, but I open this topic because it's curious that when I have a discussion or something similar appears downvotes in my questions. I am not aware of my reputation, I'm curious why this happens, and why this isn't controlled. Because batch upvotes are really fine tracked, vengeance downvotes not. Agreed also with is hard to trace vengeance downvotes, it's because I suggest a form to advice moderators, and let moderators to decide because they have more details to know if it's the same user of the discussion or not. Jul 5, 2016 at 11:19
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    And it's not only me. A user here stackoverflow.com/questions/31718332/… ask for curiosity why that question have too downvotes. It's a good asked question with all details and a clear statement, solved with an answer that have a bounty. Why sometimes this question is downvoted? Only vengeance, for sure. Jul 5, 2016 at 11:22
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    @Marcos, moderators cannot see who voted for whom. They can see patterns, but they cannot know if it's the same user of the discussion or not (and that's a good thing IMHO). Jul 5, 2016 at 11:23
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    BUT maybe it's a way to improve the system. Add a reference to who vote up or down a question or an answer. Jul 5, 2016 at 11:25
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    @MarcosPérezGude If we could see who voted what, we'd get even more vengeance downvoting. I do believe there is a problem, but it won't be easy to solve. Jul 5, 2016 at 11:26
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    Yeah, but only available to moderators, not for everyone. Jul 5, 2016 at 11:28
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    @MarcosPérezGude Well, I still trust the moderators on SO. But I also recall that on another SE site, during their latest moderator election, there was a big controversy over one popular candidate. I'm not sure even moderators should see our votes. Jul 5, 2016 at 11:31
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    In the vast majority of cases - a few downvotes here and there should just be shrugged off. If we have sufficient reason to, we can escalate concerns to the CM team to investigate and if necessary invalidate votes between individuals - however, that's not a priority for the CM team to process, and rarely necessary as people that insist on continuing with such behaviour eventually end up exposing themselves and being talked to anyway. In short - don't worry about it... there's far more important things than imaginary internet points :) Jul 5, 2016 at 11:35
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    I want to flag that I get occasional downvotes and guess wildly that I may just have annoyed someone but think it petty and pointless to complain. The same people's posts usually irritate me.... This post is to stand proxy for the thousands (millions???) of similar occasions on SO affecting many people. Naturally posts from people irritated mightily by downvoting can be found if you look for them just as outrages get in the news and people in happy marriages having minor arguments don't. As statistical people say, watch out for the selection problem!
    – Nick Cox
    Jul 5, 2016 at 11:45
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    @NickCox I don't understand fine... what irritates you? This post or posts of hater downvoters? Jul 5, 2016 at 11:51
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    I am not irritated by your post. I just think you're over-reacting to small stuff. Life's too short. (Of course, life's too short for these discussions too.)
    – Nick Cox
    Jul 5, 2016 at 13:07
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    @MarcosPérezGude because humans have a nature of following the leader, so as soon as a post gets -1 (or +1 ) then it's more likely to then get a second, third vote in the same direction. It's human nature and not worth 5 comments all saying the same thing.
    – Martin
    Jul 5, 2016 at 13:09

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In my case, everytime I have a discussion with someone, or someone gets a downvote for me, I notice in my notifications button that someone downvotes my questions.

In a sense do the individual scores of the games matter to a team? Or is it the final tally of wins verses losses across a whole season?

Focus on providing solutions which garner the answer marking from a poster. Whether someone is out to get you should be of little concern for they will eventually lose interest. You have enough of a buffer to weather any down voting storms; just don't take it personally.

Regardless chalk it up to the more one answers question, the more one opens themselves up criticism(s).

or someone gets a downvote for me

Downvote sparingly and only use it as a last resort; possibly providing constructive suggestions before, just down voting.

  • @yellowantphil I suggest to leave a comment to provide guidance for the situation which in my eyes is more constructive. Allow the user to respond to the criticism instead of a drive-by down voting. People seem to be more apt to down vote, than to up vote. If such consideration is given to up votes...shouldn't they be also given to down votes? IMHO
    – ΩmegaMan
    Jul 5, 2016 at 20:57
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    @OmegaMan you're quite wrong, there's almost 10 times as many upvotes as there are downvotes Jul 5, 2016 at 21:25

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