Having earlier today posted a question on a sister SE site, and now having a SO-appropriate question I wrote it out... only to be hit by the 90-minute question latency blocker.

Not as a complaint, but mostly to express surprise, why is it that these limits are enforced over multiple fields of knowledge? There being only limited overlap between certain communities, I could not seeing having a per-field posting limit to be a bad thing?

EDIT: Also, I now immediately find out that the rate-limiter for Meta is separated. Any particular reason for that? At least it proves that it is technically possible.


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This was implemented recently as a response to a spammer tactic to spam the same tosh on many many different SE sites at the same time, allowing them to create sometimes 10 or 11 posts before the system and the community moderation blocks them. This was remedied by a new shared lockout across sites for new questions.

This restriction will ease off as you participate more, and should not bother you for long.

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