In the profile section of my careers.stackoverflow.com account, there was an associated openid with the following information (182375 is my stackexchange.com user number):

openid: Created for Stack Overflow Account Id 182375

openid email: [email protected]

and every other account has this openid, but unfortunately I mistakenly deleted it, because I thought I can add it later (I'm feeling sick after that decision).

How to add it again, and what was its usage, in another words what did I lost, and how to restore/recover it?

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You lost nothing really; that open id / user account is auto-generated in Careers when you login to Stack Overflow and use /jobs for the first time. It's an unfortunate side-effect of the way /jobs is currently implemented and it will eventually disappear as we integrate it more fully into SO.

It won't get added again because once the underlying Careers account is linked into your SO account it remains linked irrespective of what you do to the open ids.

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