The tag is a mess. Please help me clean it up, ideally by generous application of close votes.

The vast majority of questions I see under this tag are about using a VPS (virtual private server) in general, or about installing, configuring, or running software on such a server. For example:

None of these questions are on-topic for Stack Overflow, as they are (at best!) about using and deploying software, not about developing it. Some of these questions may belong on Super User or Server Fault, depending on the question and the environment the user is working in, but most should probably just be closed entirely.

A few of these questions are on-topic questions about developing software that runs on a VPS. The fact that it's running on a VPS is almost always irrelevant to the question, so the tag adds no value here; please remove it in these cases.

(A vanishingly small number of questions might actually have to do with writing software to implement or manage VPS environments. These are fine; leave them alone.)

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    When someone casted a bunch of close votes on these feel free to leave a please filter on [tag:vps] in the CVQ message in the SOCVR and some of our regulars will do their part. – rene Jun 18 '16 at 8:43

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