First I will admit this is a pretty hard issue to reproduce. Given some pretty specific mouse movement I was able to have my mouse hovered over a custom tab for the C# tag while the page still thought the mouse was hovered over active and actually clicking would indeed use this false mouse position.

My tab set up is:

  • home
  • voted
  • active
  • c#

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Mouse on home tab
  2. Move mouse horizontally towards C# tab
  3. Pause mouse on the down arrow of active for <1 second
  4. Continue to C# tab
  5. Hover style will remain on Active and the down arrow for ~1 second before switching to the C# tab bad state remains until mouse moves, I'm just bad at holding my mouse still.

Mouse movement between steps 2 and 3 needs to be quick, when the bug occurs I see the hover style for the active down arrow activate almost at the same time (if not before) that of the active tab.

Here is a screenshot I managed to capture while in the bad state. Obviously the cursor can't be seen but you can see that the active tooltip is out of place.

Screenshot of bad state

Browser version: Chrome 50.0.2661.102 m

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