Stack Overflow is like a social networking site to me. Till yesterday, Stack Overflow was showing my progress on the Fanatic badge (30 some days) and today it has been reset to one. Biology SE was also showing my progress yesterday, and it didn't reset. Why is it so??

I have read the question Second time that Stack Overflow's daily visits counter resets for "fanatic" badge, but it doesn't fit in my case as I am truly "proactive" as already told, Stack Overflow is like my Social networking site.

  • Days are counted in UTC. If you go to your profile, you can click on the visited XX days, YY consecutive to see when you visited. – Laurel Jun 15 '16 at 3:33
  • Yes and UTC begins at 5AM my time while my counter was live mere at last night – Failed Scientist Jun 15 '16 at 3:43

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