Recently, (in the last day?) Jobs introduces a sort drop down on some - but not all - searches.

Sort Options

This option doesn't appear on something like "Remote Only" searches. With that search, I am only presented with "most recent". However, a job search that is "Remote Only and salaries over 100K" provides both options.

The current default is "relevance". This is NOT what I want. It means I miss postings that I care to see.

I want to see the most recent matches for what ever query I run. I also want to see those results without needing to adjust the sort order every time I run my search.

Request: Remember my sort order so that future searches will order results in the order I want, not the order you think I want.

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    I posted this earlier: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/327543/… not the same as yours but similar in nature. It's a tad bit confusing what is updated vs what isn't as well as what should be carried over after postbacks.
    – JonH
    Commented Jul 7, 2016 at 18:38


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