This is my non-deleted question history. It has 32 positive questions asked on separate days. On one of those days I also asked a zero voted question. There are some negatively voted questions and maybe a dozen zero. I know there are some deleted questions.

The calculations for these types of badges is found here What's the meaning of "well-received question" and of "maintaining" a question?

I'm wondering what is stopping me from getting the badge (it's been the recommended badge for ages). I can't see if it's the deleted questions or what is holding it up. I know there can be a lag with badges updating, but I'm wondering if there's another cause.

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According to Jon's SEDE query you have 29 eligible answers. My best guess is you missed a few where you deleted a question on the same day as a well-received question.

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    @Yvette You have a deleted, negatively-scored question on Aug 4 '15 which disqualified a well-received question on the same day. – animuson Jun 5 '16 at 16:13
  • @animuson thanks, I can't see most of my deleted questions. I prob should undelete the ones that have zero score, but can't see them to do it. What do you think? – Yvette Colomb Jun 5 '16 at 16:16

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