I've somewhat recently picked up the banner of sitting in the review section when it's slow with the tags for which I am active.

A couple of times, I've run out of close votes during a day. Today, discovered that instead of voting to close a question, I could also "flag" the question under the same reason.

Is there a different process involved for flagging and voting to close?

I'd rather reduce work of those reviewers involved, so if using my "extra" 20-ish flags causes work for people, I'd rather save these for egregious issues rather than use these as an extension of my close votes.


No, you can't. Even though they still appear in the flag menu for you, attempting to use them will automatically convert it into a close vote, and attempting to submit will still give you an error that you've run out of close votes for the day. It will not start using your flag count.

As a user with close voting privileges, it is not possible for you to create a flag for the close reasons.

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