I found this question which has lists of books and some questions(eg:this and this) are duplicates of this question.

But I think it is quite weird to mark duplicate at this case. Since book recommendations is off topic now, is marking duplicate give users a wrong message that this type of questions is allowed here?

Some questions found seems trying to copy the idea of the question:this and this


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I believe closing as duplicate of properly closed/marked off-topic question by gold-hammer is good alternative to waiting till 5 people vote as regular off-topic.

If you don't have gold-hammer - vote as regular off-topic (which is could have happened on one question you've mentioned as it has 3 votes).

Note that this particular list is special case for C/C++ communities covered in Delete more book lists!. It sounds like community decided that duplicate to well-maintained list is better than simple off-topic.

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