Several years ago, I ran into a software problem that was not documented on StackOverflow. I solved it my posted the question and answer to the question so that future people would have access to the answer. Over time, this answer has accumulated a decent number of upvotes.

Recently, the software framework in question has come out with a new version that providing a better way to solve this problem, and someone has posted a new answer to the question indicating the better solution. The original accepted answer still works and is necessary for people on older versions of the framework, but a better answer now exists. What should I do?

  • Nothing; let the new answer naturally accumulate upvotes as more people switch to the new version of the framework; this is the fairest solution but doesn't provide the best information to users
  • Edit my answer; this would provide the relevant information to users as my answer has many upvotes which are a signal of quality, but doing this take credit away from the poster of the new answer
  • Edit my answer including a mention of the poster; this at least gives them credit, albeit no reputation
  • Accept the new answer; this is potentially confusing to viewers of the question as there is then an accepted answer with fewer upvotes than another answer (when I view a question that is like this, I assume the accepted answer is bad); additionally, the accepted answer would then not have the information for older versions

This is similar to this question, but different in that the accepted answer still works with the new version, it is just no longer the "best" solution.

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    You could add a note at the beginning of your answer like "This is for version yyy, If you have version zzz, See this answer" where this answer is a link to the new answer. Jun 2, 2016 at 18:13

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This happens all the time, for instance when new API versions are released. I myself have updated many of my Java posts with Java 8 versions of the answer.

I think it's best to

  • Update the answer
  • Add the newer version of the answer
    • If someone else beat you to it, copy it, make your best attempt to improve it, and give credit where it's due. Possibly even with a link to the original answer.
  • Put the newer version of the answer at the top
    • Even though the majority of the users might still be on the previous version, your post will age more gracefully with the new version at the top.
  • Keep the old version of your answer with a header stating that it's for an older version of the framework / API.

Here are two example where I've done this:

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