The new tab system is great and I quickly set about creating custom tabs to speed up finding relevant questions. One of those steps was to delete the generic 'newest' tab. However, I've now noticed that if I navigate back (via the Questions link in the top right) a new 'newest' tab is created.

Custom tabs with no newest tab enter image description here

Navigating back recreates it (note unsaved state with the asterisk) enter image description here

I'm not the only one seeing this behaviour e.g. see this comment.

Looking at this I can see that it is caused by the link to /questions being the link used for the newest tab. I guess the solution to this would be to allow a default tab to be defined and change that link to /default (or change /questions to point to the default and create a new /newest).

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  • I hate having to delete the "newest" tab every couple of minutes – Camilo Terevinto May 4 '17 at 11:54

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