In many questions or answers users say about some buttons like search button, Ok button and so on, We also have <kbd /> tag to show keyboard keys as a key. Well, I can show a button as a key button but I think <kbd /> is just for keyboard keys, And at the end I think it can make sense to use a special tag to show a button as button.

I can suggest <btn /> tag with a style similar to nav-bar buttons of site like nav-questions or a style like Search button at search page with hover if it is inside a link.

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  • The last thing we need is more over-formatting of text in posts. We already get people who use code formatting for emphasis Or bold words which do not need to be bolded. Adding button formatting on top of keyboard formatting just gets obnoxious and make the post hard to read. – Heretic Monkey Jun 1 '16 at 16:52

The standard says that kbd can be used to represent any form of user input and that a kbd nested in another kbd represents a single key. But b works just as well for representing button labels and you can use that as an alternative since the current site stylesheet treats top-level kbd elements as representing single keys (or just not format them at all; the post is no less readable without formatting button labels).

As mentioned, button is an actual interface/form element that you interact with and it would be inappropriate to use in that context. Unless you're trying to use it to make a link to a fiddle or some other off-site demo stand out, in which case just use a regular hyperlink. Seriously. It does not need to stand out.

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  • In some edits I saw, some top-users remove <kbd /> with commenting the edit by Use keyboard tag for keyboard keys only! ;). – shA.t Jun 1 '16 at 4:57

<button> is an actual HTML element that's intended to be clicked on/interacted with. I don't know off-hand if we actually use that in our code (I think it's mostly <input>, but don't quote me on that), but we could and for that reason I hesitate to recommend special styling for dummy buttons in actual posts.

As far as referring to buttons in posts goes, I think that if the visuals really make a difference there, then taking a screenshot of whatever website or software is being described is likely the best way to go vs any of our own styling.

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  • In an answer like this for Format Options or in this ;). – shA.t Jun 1 '16 at 4:53

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