I've started doing some Reviews in the Triage queue lately, and I wanted to go back to look at some (particularly when the flag I raised in it came back as disputed). I've noticed some where the result is "The consensus is: this post Looks OK.", but to my untrained eye I see several people agreeing with me that it isn't okay. For example, this review where there are 3 "Looks OK", 2 "Requires Editing", and 2 "Unsalvageable". That's four people saying it isn't OK, and 3 people saying it is, but the system seems to call that a "Consensus" because it hit 3 "Looks OK" votes? Is that all that it looks for, or is the system more complicated than that?

Is this an example of the system (1) a problem, (2) working fine, (3) not working but the results of Triage aren't that critical so it doesn't really matter, or (4) something else?


It's 2: a Triage review can have 3 outcomes, and the first option which gets 3 'votes' is chosen and finishes the review.

(source: 3k Triage reviews by yours truly; it's hard to to find an offical source - it's neither here nor there)

And you were right, this type of questions is too broad for Stack Overflow.

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