I am logged onto this site from my work computer and I ticked 'remember me' (or whatever the box says; it was a few years ago now...!').

However when I try to log into this account from another computer , using the email address shown in my profile, I get the message "Could not find account for that email address". I have tried going into my profile and re-saving, even changing email address, and I consistently get the same error message.

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For some old weird reason, could you please try clearing all your browsing data (ctrl+shift+delete) or go to your browser incognito and try it again? Let's see if that will does the trick.

You may also want to check your Account > Settings tab > Preferences section to double check your email address from the computer you were able to access your Stackoverflow account.

  • It doesn't work in incognito, or a different browser. As far as I remember, these browsers have never been used to log into SO. I'm not sure what you want me to do in my preferences? I've already tried re-saving them, and changing email address... nothing is working
    – LairdPleng
    May 22, 2016 at 9:33

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