As a new reviewer, I have a very high skip vs action ratio, since no-action is always better than getting it wrong. While the feedback I get in the All Actions|Reviews tab in my profile is certainly useful, I thought it might be very informative to see how the vote actually went on the ones I skipped.

I'm not asking for a new feature like Skipped review audits with feedback - but just knowing how the vote actually went would help me to get better faster.

I looked on SEDE but couldn't find anything. Perhaps there is a clever URL munging technique similar to this.

Or is this even possible at all?

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    If you want to know how other reviewers reviewed a task, without waiting for it to be completed, you can open it in incognito/private window in your browser (i.e. without being logged in). May 13, 2016 at 11:22

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Found the answer.


There is a little checkbox at the bottom of each review queue's History tab:

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Or as Gothdo suggests in the comments:

Open the review task in a private/incognito window and you can monitor the votes as they come in. This is now my preferred method. It's fast, efficient and doesn't interrupt my workflow.


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