The JBoss tags are misleading.

JBoss is a brand, formerly a company. The company used to produce only an application server, an implementation of Java EE.

This is no longer true. JBoss is a brand, and under that brand, there are many things released:

  • JBoss Application Server
  • JBoss EAP
  • JBoss Web Server
  • JBoss Tools
  • JBoss Developer Studio
  • JBoss Forge
  • JBoss ESB
  • JBoss Web Services
  • JBoss OSGI
  • JBoss MicroContainer
  • JBoss Modules
  • JBoss Windup
  • JBoss SOA Platform
  • JBoss Portal

and more.

On StackOverflow, the tags used are:

  • jboss-3.x
  • jboss-4.0.x
  • jboss-4.2.x
  • jboss-eap-4.3.x
  • jboss5.x
  • jboss6.x
  • jboss7.x
  • jboss-eap-6

Besides being inconsistent in format, they don't reflect that there are for instance: * JBoss Application Server 5.x * JBoss EAP 5, which was based on JBoss AS 5.x, but is significantly different * JBoss Application Server 7.x * JBoss EAP 6, which was based on JBoss Application server 7.x * JBoss EAP 7, which was based on Wildfly 10.x * JBoss Web Server, which is based on Tomcat 7

Therefore, jboss6.x may be referring to both JBoss AS 6 or JBoss EAP 6, while these are completely different (whole AS project was rewritten for AS 7 / EAP 6).

I am suggesting hereby to reflect the reality in the tags, by renaming them to:

  • jboss-3.x -> jboss-as-3.x
  • jboss-4.0.x -> jboss-as-4.0.x
  • jboss-4.2.x -> jboss-as-4.2.x
  • jboss5.x -> jboss-as-5.x
  • jboss6.x -> jboss-as-6.x
  • jboss7.x -> jboss-as-7.x
  • jboss-eap-6 -> jboss-eap-6.x


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