Most Git tags are named as git-something. This one is not.

Current tag: https://stackoverflow.com/tags/amend/info Suggested name: git-commit-amend

You may also review my tag wiki edit while you're doing it. :-) Though it may already be reviewed.

Tag has 80 questions: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/amend

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This is now done. I've arbitrarily decided that the primary tag should be , just because it's shorter than . (Note that there is already a tag.) If you think that is a horribly wrong decision and can make a persuasive argument as to why, please do so in the comments below.

For the questions that were using the tag but weren't about Git:

  • The questions using the tag incorrectly (e.g., to refer to amending the text in some file or string) were simply retagged.

  • Several questions were correctly using the tag, but were about Mercurial instead of Git. For those questions, I've created the analogous tag.

  • One question was about a Platform-as-a-Service solution called "Amend Cloud"; for that one, I created a tag for disambiguation. It doesn't seem like questions about that service are all that popular on Stack Overflow, but that may be because there wasn't a good tag for them, or it may be because the service is relatively new. Either way, I see no harm in creating a tag for these, even if it is rarely used.

Note that there is no longer a tag in the system. This is by-design: a tag with this generic of a name would be readily subject to misuse.

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