There is the tag, which has the info

IDOC is a proprietary server site scripting language for WebCenter Content server, previously Oracle UCM, previously Stellent Content Managment Server

So this seems to be about the "IDoc scripting language" by Oracle, which is used primarily for the presentation of HTML templates and configuration settings.

But there also exists a file format similar but not equal to XML by the name SAP "IDoc".

While the tag clearly is referencing the IDoc scripting language, the tag itself looks like SAP's IDoc as it only says . Therefore most posts contain also the tag to show the connection betweern SAP and its file format idoc.

Would it make sense change the tags and split their meaning? For example make a / for Oracle's idoc and keep the -tag for SAP?

Or is there a connection between the two idocs that I am unaware of?

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    Found your question after noticing the same issue - I think the idoc tag would be more suitable for SAP IDocs & that the confusion certainly needs to be resolved.
    – L.P. Blake
    Jul 1, 2019 at 10:25


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