I stumbled with this question, which is basically a stack trace for an error, but it contains all of the stack trace like if it was a quote (also I think the title is wrong) so I decided to edit it, changing the title and removing the quote syntax from the stack trace. I was unable to complete my edit as I was presented with this error message:

Error message

My question is, how was this question which has basically the same content as my edit able to be posted and my "more readable" edit is rejected?


The quote syntax was exactly the reason why the OP managed to post his question and your edit didn't pass. When the ratio between code and text is off that warning is generated. Using the quote syntax influenced the algorithm. Your attempt to fix that revealed the error again.

I don't think that question needed an edit to be honest. It is lacking details to be answerable and is nothing more then a logcat dump. It deserves a down vote and a close flag/vote.

Don't polish turds, specially if reviewers need to review your edit as well.

  • That's what I thought, thanks for clearing it up – Max Rasguido Apr 14 '16 at 19:24

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