Good self-answers can be some of the most valuable posts on the site, but many self-answers are deleted in the Low Quality Posts review queue because they should have been edits to the question or comments on another answer. I'd like to know:

  • What fraction of self-answers get deleted?
  • By what mechanism do the self-answers get deleted (LQP, delete votes, binding author vote, question was deleted, more that I can't think of)?
  • How do these stats depend on the duration between asking and answering? (For example, I hypothesize that self-answers posted within an hour of the question being asked are more likely to be deleted than either instant-self-answers or later self-answers.)

(These questions were inspired by the recent admission that the LQP heuristics should be improved, and a personal proto-project to write some NAA-detection regexes for SmokeDetector.)



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