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When searching Stack Exchange badges Tumbleweed isn't showing up. (I'm using the path where you click on your profile, click on the gear for which badge to follow next, and search there for 'tumbleweed' == no results.)

Has it been discontinued?

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It has not been discontinued, as you can see on the Tumbleweed badge page it has been awarded last just a few minutes ago.

Not all badges show up in the "Next badge" window. The Tumbleweed is one of them that don't.


No, it's still an eligible badge, but the traffic that the site gets, combined with review queues specifically designed to draw a certain amount of attention to posts that would otherwise not get any, means that it's extremely difficult for a post to just not get any attention.


No, it's not discontinued, just extremely hard to get with so many users.

Not all badges can be tracked. Other badges which apply to a single question (e.g. Nice Question) can't be tracked either.

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