The revival badge says ...

Answer more than 30 days after a question was asked as first answer scoring 2 or more

See this post ...

Docker Hub Automated Build - Tagging

Question was asked on Aug 14

I answer on July 15

My score is 11 - my answer is the top answer

Why did I not receive this badge? thanks

  • 3
    Your answer was not the first answer
    – Jon
    Apr 4, 2016 at 15:42

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There are at least two other answers that were posted before yours and more than 30 days after the question was asked that now have a score of at least 2. There is also an answer that was posted on the same day the question was asked, that now has a score of 4. Either the Revival badge was awarded to the first of those two other answers to reach a score of 2, or it was never awarded via that question in the first place.

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