Currently, there are two tags and a synonym directly related to the watchOS operating system, , , and the tag which is currently a synonym. In addition, there are and tags, which are conceptual parallels to and .

The most important suggestion here is that be made a synonym of whichever tag becomes the primary watchOS tag. There are important developer differences between the two operating systems, but those differences are really between the APIs offered in WatchKit 1 and WatchKit 2 rather than being about the operating system as distinct from that API, and it is not the API-specific tag that is versioned.

Additionally, I recommend that be made the primary tag for the operating system. The operating system for the Apple Watch is called "watchOS", with a lowercase w and no space. Therefore, while there is a general preference for hyphens in multi-word tags, this is not actually a multi-word term that is being tagged. Additionally, the direct parallels in iPhone and Mac operating systems are tagged and , rather than the possible hyphenated alternatives, so the non-hyphenated version should be preferred for consistency.

Most of the watchOS related questions are really about , which is the developer API for watchOS. That tag is also active. Arguably, we should just have a tag and merge all of the others into it. However, this logic has not been applied to merging into (which correctly should be hyphenated).

If we are going to have a watchOS specific tag, other than , I recommend that it should be for consistency.

  • While I agree that watchOS should be the primary tag, I don't believe that watchOS2, watchOS3, etc., should be synonyms of watchOS. It would make it difficult to find or filter questions by OS version.
    – user4151918
    Apr 3, 2016 at 3:46
  • Also would not want to merge any other tags into watchKit. There are plenty of questions that have nothing to do with the user interface, and everything to do with WatchConnectivity, complications, the watch's HealthKit store, etc.
    – user4151918
    Apr 3, 2016 at 3:50

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watchOS / all operating system versions

  • I agree that (unhyphenated) should be the primary tag for any version of the Apple Watch OS. Any new questions would almost never be about WatchKit 1.

  • I don't agree that version-specific OS tags should be synonyms of watchOS.

    It's common to want to search/filter specifically by version, either for the purpose of ignoring older/incompatible answers, or finding unanswered questions related to the newer OS.

    For comparison, tags like and are not synonyms of . We should endeavor to be consistent across platforms.

apple-watch / hardware

  • should continue to be a distinct tag, as there are a number of questions about the actual watch itself, such as sensors.

    Unfortunately, it does get misused for software questions, despite its usage guidance.

watchkit / user interface framework

  • should also continue to be distinct, as it is the watch's UI framework (just as is separate from ).

    Many watchOS questions aren't about watchKit itself, but are about other frameworks such as WatchConnectivity, ClockKit, or HealthKit. Those frameworks have little or nothing to do with interface objects or controllers, and require their own tags.

    We shouldn't merge other watchOS frameworks into watchKit.

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