I recently offered a bounty on a question, seeking a more detailed answer. The bounty was about to expire, and there hadn't been anything new posted. I added a comment to the one answer already there, asking for more detail.

I received notification of the answer's author adding a comment with additional information, but I didn't get a notification that he had edited his answer during the bounty grace period. As such, the bounty expired with me thinking there wasn't any additional content added. I just visited the question and saw his answer, but can't award him the bounty.

So, I think it would be helpful to receive notifications about edited answers when a bounty is open (including the grace period).

I see that I can set another bounty (but need to increase the value), and will likely go that route since I'm happy with the answer provided.

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    This might be a big change -- not even the question owner gets notifications of answer edits -- but it does make some sense.
    – jscs
    Mar 24, 2016 at 23:05
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    Not in favor of this proposal, anything that helps a questioner treat SO like a personal help-desk should not be encouraged. Good Q+A almost always requires active participation by the questioner, that can't happen when he doesn't show up for days when an active Q or bounty is in flight. Your active bounty question does not have any edits at all, not a good sign. If the lack of a notification forces the questioner to check back regularly then that's a good thing. Mar 25, 2016 at 8:41


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