There are only 3 questions tagged with .

Do we need to have a tag for each specific method used to transfer information between paired iOS/watchOS devices?

More details:

and tags for updateApplicationContext questions already exist, and those 3 questions are already tagged with WatchConnectivity.

  • There currently are 73 WatchConnectivity framework questions.

    WCSession is a member of this framework.

  • There currently are 26 WCSession class questions.

    updateApplicationContext is an instance method of this class.

This question is specifically about the updateApplicationContext tag. Please reserve discussion about the WCSession tag for another question.

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3 questions isn't much to burninate, I just edited them out of the questions that had them.

The questions themselves were mediocre at best, and certainly didn't justify the creation of the tag.

  • Thanks! I would have done the same, but thought I should ask first before taking action. – user4151918 Mar 18 '16 at 18:44