I see some people have difficulty in asking questions if they are not native English speakers. I know I can suggest http://pt.stackoverflow.com to Portuguese speakers, http://ru.stackoverflow.com to Russian speakers and http://ja.stackoverflow.com to Japanese speakers; but I wanna know if there's a page with a list of all languages currently available for Stack Overflow.

  • @Andrew T. Can you, please, post this comment as an answer? Since they all are right, I think yours deserve be the 'right answer' because it's the quickest way and can be accessed from any page at any time;
    – L777
    Mar 17, 2016 at 15:20

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You can also search it from the site selector drop down, and type "stackoverflow". The search includes the site's domain (http://*.stackoverflow.com), so it's language agnostic and can be accessed everywhere.



Let's set the record straight:

  • Stack Overflow is one site. There are many different sites, each with their own meta and their own community.

  • The best place to look is the Stack Exchange site list, ordered by name. You'll see all of the Stack Overflow sites grouped together (and Japanese Stack Exchange at the very bottom because in Unicode, ASCII characters < Katakana).


You may do a search in Area 51.

Alternatively, here is a list in a community wiki post.

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