This question from 2013 was recently put on hold because it's asking for a tool recommendation. One of the answers has, as I see it, two problems: it contains a dead link, and it reads like a sales pitch. I submitted an edit to fix these problems, which was rejected, by three votes to two, for deviating from the original intent of the post.

I assume the reason for the rejection was the following: the unedited post begins with "I would suggest Jasper not because I am working on it but because", which I understood as a disclosure that the answerer was working on Jasper; in my edit I converted this into a separate disclosure. As the reviewers (I assume) rightly noticed, though, there's an ambiguity here - it's possible that the answerer wants to state that they are not working on Jasper, in which case the disclosure added by my edit would be wrong. In that case, though, the "not because I am working on it" contains no useful information and can (I assume) be removed entirely.

What, then, is the correct way to deal with a clause such as "not because I am working on it", which may or may not, ambiguously, be conveying important information? Or is the premise of my question entirely wrong - should sales-pitch-like answers be left with their original wording, provided they don't amount to spam?

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    I think the generic advice would be not to worry about answers to low-quality, closed questions. This question is likely to be deleted soon, making any edits to answers rather pointless. – Cody Gray Mar 13 '16 at 13:55
  • As CodyGray said, it will be deleted soon, whether automatically by the roomba or manually (2/3 delete-votes are already there, what a waste).. – Deduplicator Mar 13 '16 at 14:22

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