Is it possible to filter jobs based on criteria like in the title?


Yes. You can !!!

see the image for more details

  • to select permanent/contract (select the drop down radio buttons, populated at search text box.

  • to select 'to work remotely' , click on settings button beside matches.

screenshot reference

You can also play with URL to achieve this. Just replace the search term with your desired job title(replace 'space' by '+')

java developer → searchTerm=java+developer

Sample Urls for reference:

permanent job


permanent job & allows remote


contract job


contract job & allows remote


For more details, please read https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/help

  • These are all just options you can click in the UI. – Martin Tournoij Mar 10 '16 at 2:00
  • @Carpetsmoker, added UI option details as well – Raju Mar 10 '16 at 2:10

As well as the UI we also have advanced search syntax that allows searching by specific fields. For example:

type:permanent remote:true searches for permanent remote jobs

title:"java developer" searches explicitly for jobs with "java developer" in the title

[java] searches for jobs with the tag.

There's a bunch of other things you can do, see the docs for more examples!

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