I would like to create a tag for the Gauss statistical software.

As an example, it would apply to this question. And there might be others.

The only issue I foresee is that the name could be confused with the Gaussian distribution.

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    I understand the impulse to name things after Gauss, but people really have to think about searchability when naming programming languages. Mar 8, 2016 at 17:50
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    @BilltheLizard: Some big companies named their language C# (even though symbols are a pain to search) and Go (what is less generic than "go"?). I think that to succeed, a programming language SHOULD be non-searchable. Mar 9, 2016 at 15:05

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I went ahead and created the tag, and added a quick tag summary. Please feel free to suggest a wiki summary (without copying from the GAUSS Wikipedia page, please), including links to any resources that you think would be helpful.

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    People will be using this tag for any of the hundred other things named after Carl Friedrich Gauss.
    – 5gon12eder
    Mar 8, 2016 at 22:46
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    @5gon12eder Almost certainly, but given that the tag hadn't been created before, I don't think it will be used so much that it will be impossible to keep clean. Mar 8, 2016 at 22:50
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    so why not gauss-language? Mar 9, 2016 at 3:59
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    @DanielMahler Because we almost never put -language at the end of a tag, and gauss wasn't taken. Mar 9, 2016 at 15:38

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