This is what I periodically see on my side bar:

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Do you think the algorithm for selecting positions, can be improved, so it does not display all line items from the same employer? Or is this intentional?

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    The ads are geo-mapped, so it might be that from where you are logged in, the algorithm only found these ads. This happened to me as well when I was in Saudi Arabia, all the ads shown were from an employer in Iran (oddly, I didn't see those ads when I log in from my normal location, which is Kuwait). Crossover itself is one of those companies that posts positions everywhere. I have seen their ads on other networks for the same position in different countries/cities. Commented Mar 8, 2016 at 5:21
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    Just FYI, there was recently a concern raised about this particular employer. So even though it seems like there are no other jobs available in your area, you might want to look a little harder. :) Commented Mar 8, 2016 at 10:33
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I wouldn't call it intentional, but it is the result of an ever-changing ad-selection algorithm. There was a recent change which made remote-only jobs considered a much better match for a large number of people. Unfortunately, there aren't very many remote-only jobs in the system right now, and if you combine that with a location where we don't have a lot of traditional office jobs, then you're likely to get what you got here.

As I said, we're constantly working on the algorithm, and feedback about edge cases like this are good. We're going to be making some short-term changes to help mitigate this, including treating jobs that offer remote similar to those which are remote-only, and several longer-term changes:

  • Giving people more control over what locations they want to see ads for
  • Treating jobs that offer relocation and/or visa sponsorship as special
  • Trying to learn how distance may be more or less important in certain countries and across certain country boundaries.
  • Other things, some known and some unknown at this time

I don't think disallowing showing multiple ads for the same company is necessarily the right answer, but we'll consider it.

We have also recently started imposing a scoring penalty on ads that you've seen many times, so the more times you've seen a particular job ad, the less likely you are to see it the next day. Doesn't mean you won't see it tomorrow, just means it's less likely.

Hopefully that more or less answered your question.

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