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I have an issue with the Stackoverflow web site.

I managed to get "Copy-Editor" gold badge about 7.07AM local time(which is 1:37 AM Monday(GMT)), which will receive when you edited 500 questions.

So after that, I saw that normal "Congratulations you received Copy-Editor message" at the activity tab. From then on , i edited few questions more, but i haven't received the "+2" reputations and "Copy-Editor badge" too(I know it gets time to receive badges but what's wrong with edit reputations?).following image of my Activity tab shows that i edited 505 questions, but reputations stays same as it is even before i receiving the Copy-Editor badge (which is 1817)

enter image description here

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From the help center:

You gain reputation when:

  • suggested edit is accepted: +2 (up to +1000 total per user)

500 accepted edits at 2 reputation each is 1000 rep from edits. So you've hit the limit.

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