I experienced a strange thing, when viewing a question I decided to flag it as a duplicate, I open the flag modal and select "duplicate" and even find the duplicate question before I change my mind and decide to flag it as off-topic.

After having submitted the off-topic flag I noticed that the automatic "Possible duplicate of..." comment had still been posted, despite that I flagged it as off-topic.


And in my flag history:

enter image description here

Is this intentional?

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The UI wasn't accounting for people changing their minds.

I've added a bit of logic to clear out the selected dupe target when clicking the "Closing" link, which should take care of this particular issue.

With you in the next build.

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This is definitely a bug, albeit a fairly minor one. I can repro it, so it afflicts both users with full close-vote privileges as well as those using the close vote dialog to flag.


  1. Find a question to close (not difficult).
  2. Find a duplicate target, click the button to close the question as a duplicate, and type the URL to the duplicate in the textbox.
  3. Change your mind, click the "Closing" link at the top of the close pop-up to go back to the main screen.
  4. Pick another close reason (I believe any will do, but I picked one of the sub-items of off-topic).
  5. Submit your close vote.

Your close vote gets cast for the reason you actually chose (the last one selected—in my case, off-topic), but the "possible duplicate" comment is still posted.

Presumably this is because the URL is still stored somewhere in the dialog, and the comment auto-generator is naïve enough to post the comment if the duplicate target URL is a non-null string.

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