So the OP posted a XSLT question that wasn't really a bad question but did not have enough information to actually answer it.

Because of this, I posted a comment asking for some example input and output data along with the XSLT they were attempting. I got back a response that the input data is a 20k line file and can't possibly be posted. I posted another comment telling them to provide some data (not all) needed to see exactly what they were attempting and what was going wrong, linking to the mcve article.

The OP responding by saying that it was too difficult to explain (I don't think it was - it was just a little unclear and an example would clarify it completely) and not important. They then edited the question to be a completely different question.

I'm not saying that they changed it a little. The question they edited to is only related to the original in the sense that it covers the same language. It is not remotely the same question.

What is the expected etiquette on this? Should the question be flagged in any way for this?

I would expect that with a different question a new question should be opened. It shouldn't be edited over the original. If the OP wanted to abandon the question, they should delete it.

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    If nobody's answered it, there's not much real harm in the edit. – Josh Caswell Mar 1 '16 at 6:18
  • Looks like it is deleted now. – Gimby Mar 1 '16 at 8:26

The expected etiquette is that you don't do this; once someone has started responding to a question, whether via comments or answers, it's important that the question remain more or less the same. Changing it to a completely different question is dishonest and not allowed, since users no longer "own" their content once it's posted.

You are within your rights to rollback such a massive and complete edit, but please also leave a comment explaining why, so that the OP does not do it again or feel tempted to enter a rollback war. If such a war does start, just flag the question for moderator attention and they will either lock the post or disassociate the OP from it.

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