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If I stumble across a question whose title asks for something, "why isn't my X working in Y language", and I look in, and they explain their problem; they say what they're trying to do, they give their problem, give their code... and their code won't do what they're trying to do, but not because of the issue that they're bringing up.

The question making me ask is here, where the user asks why their while loop prints out the whole text file instead of one line. Their code ultimately had a problem in a different piece of code, and the posted snippet wasn't being run.

However, in looking at the code that was posted, I see that what they intend to do wouldn't even be completed by their program even if their file was interacting properly with the program.

Is it bad to answer this question explaining the problem I see, even though it isn't what's asked? Or should I only answer the question proposed in the title?

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