I answered this question An edit I made to a question's title was rolled back... Where and how can I discuss this?. In which there are two roll backs now to a SO question.

There are references to roll-back wars and automatically flagging:

If the user engages in a rollback war we get an automatic flag.


Those particular flow of events raise an automatic flag but it doesn't hurt to raise a custom flag with an explanation what is going on

This Same edit suggested by a different user after the first edit was rolled back: does it trigger an event/flag? has no answer.

I cannot find definitions for the following.

1. What constitutes a roll-back war?
2. How many roll backs will trigger an automatic mod flag?

It would be good to know, then there would be no need to create a custom mod flag if an auto flag is being raised.


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Two rollbacks from the same user on a single post over a reasonably close period of time will automatically generate the "rollback war" flag.

Don't overthink the time criteria. It just ensures that an automatic flag will not be generated in edge cases where the same user happened to roll back an edit on a post several months before the rollback war commenced.

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