I posted a question two days ago. It was getting low views, so I edited it, including the title.

After having solved my problem yesterday, I decided to answer my own question (hopefully saving some time for future similarly troubled individuals), and so I did.

While answering, I was doing a Google search for that topic. When Googling, I found that the top result was my question on SO, however, it had the previously edited title.

enter image description here

Clicking the result brought me to my question on SO, but with the new, current, edited title.

Just for fun, I searched for the edited name and Google gave me a result, which led me to my question, but this time, Google had the newer title.

enter image description here

Both results took me to my question.

Out of curiosity, is there a way for search engines like Google to reference older content, since edited out, from SO posts?

Or should I just blame caching?

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Blame caching.

There's really nothing more to it.


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