The longer I am here, I've gotten used to formatting rules here.

But one thing is still unclear for me. You can write a bold text by surrounding it with ** two stars at both sides. Like **I am fat**.

How to make the star * character bold itself? I approach to something like this ***** that's getting on my nerve.

I assume it'd be a bit tricky.


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In general, special characters in Markdown can be escaped by prefixing them with a backslash (\).

So, if you do **\***, you will get a bold asterisk: *
(but it's pretty hard to tell the difference between bold and regular with this single character)

If you want a real star, you can use the Unicode character ★: ★

(Simply typing *****, as suggested in the question, won't work. You'll get a horizontal line instead.)

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    Twinkle, twinkle, little real star. The difference between the bold and non-bold asterisk is practically negligible; I definitely wouldn't notice any intended effect that bold was supposed to bring.
    – Tim Post
    Feb 23, 2016 at 8:37







Most markdown special characters can be escaped by the \.

The difference between bold and non-bold * is pretty subtle though.

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