This is in reference to my recent ctypes question.

After taking a break and fighting with it for a couple more days I found a solution, but I would like to know why. This happens to me occasionally and I haven't figured out best practice.

Is it better to answer my own question and open a new question asking about why the fix works, or should I edit the original question (with no answers) pointing to the solution and asking why it works.

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    "I found a solution, but I would like to know why" -- I wish more programmers were like you. Commented Feb 23, 2016 at 3:42

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If you have found an answer to your question you should post it as an answer, not as an edit to the question.

If you have a new question as a result of information you've found while attempting to (and in this case, succeeding at) answering a different question, then you are welcome to ask that as a new question.

You should not be editing your question into a completely different question just because you're no longer interested in the first question, and are now interested in a different question.

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