I tried to close question https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35558693/compiling-a-fortran-code?noredirect=1 as a duplicate of Undefined reference to 'main' when compiling a module

However, the question already had 4 close votes for a different reason. That reason was no longer applicable. I have the golden badge duplicate closing privileges for that tag, but I did edit the question tags before so the privilege did not kick in.

Should the question really be closed that way it is? Should my duplicate vote close towards a very different reason? The question now contains enough steps to reproduce the problem, so the close reason is not applicable.


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Gold-hammer works on current tags (as long as you are not the one who added tag - in part to avoid temptation to add your gold tag to insta-close). So since originally tag you have gold in was not on the question and you are the one who added the fortran tag you cast regular close-as-dup vote. See It looks like the duplicate banner changed. How does it work now? (older behavior was to just look at original tag - Gold duplicate power didn't work).

Close votes are always majority - so 4 debugging vs. one duplicate votes lead to debugging close result. So end result is expected. See Vote close reason & list of reviewers, When is the list of the users who selected a close reason shown? (there is special case for off-topic but duplicate is not off-topic).

In general you may be able to coordinate re-open/close vote with some other gold-hammer user or SO close votes chat room.

In case of this particular question I don't think it worth an effort - in current state it does not look very searchable/useful for future visitors and current close reason is acceptable (not correct, but there is no need to re-open). Your call here - if you find question to be good enough to serve as sign-post - edit it in shape and coordinate closing for correct reason.

  • Thanks for the explanation of majority voting. It probably indeed isn't worth the effort. It took a lot of effort already to guide the OP to provide the details. Commented Feb 22, 2016 at 18:56
  • 1
    @Kendra - thanks! Id did not know that - I've updated post with this information. Commented Feb 22, 2016 at 19:14

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