I want to ask the question How do I drop a MongoDB database using PyMongo?
However, StackOverflow already contains an answer to my question but on a question with a markedly different wording than what I've been searching for.

The question is: How to delete pymongo.Database.Database object

From the title of the question it's looks to be asking a different question than my own (and it kind of is), and it's not at all clear that it actually has the answer I'm looking for.

Therefore, I would like to ask my own question so that later solution-seekers will find what they're looking for faster than me.


I was looking for a way to drop a MongoDB database with PyMongo, and naturally I searched Google, getting the following five top results:

  1. drop a database or collection via pymongo · GitHub (outdated: Only works in PyMongo < 3)
  2. Remove Data with PyMongo — Getting Started With ... (doesn't contain solution)
  3. database – Database level operations — PyMongo 3.2.1 ... (doesn't contain solution)
  4. python - How to delete pymongo.Database.Database object ... (StackOverflow link, contains solution)
  5. How to drop a MongoDB using pymongo - Quora (top answer is outdated, but second answer contains solution)

The problem here is that I never clicked the StackOverflow link as it seems to be asking a different question than the problem I'm trying to solve.

Note: While making this question I actually found a question asking basically the same thing I'm asking here on meta, worded differently. But I didn't find it in my immediate search, leading me to the exact problem I was having to begin with (searchability of questions).

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    Looks like this meta-question will become an example of such a question ;-) Feb 17, 2016 at 16:51
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    So many duplicates! (when you start really digging)
    – qff
    Feb 17, 2016 at 16:52


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